You will be listened to at a deeper level than family and friends. This is  because I  am trained in advanced listening, not just to words but body language and behaviours. This is used to reflect back what you have  communicated so there are no misunderstandings.

“What you bring to the session, will always be the focus.”

As a  good therapist I  believe in your value as a human being and walk with you without judgement  toward your  desired outcomes. I show  genuine interest, empathy and understanding of things from your core perspectives whether it be historical, cultural, religious or social. Working with diversity is of great interest to me and seeing the whole person is what will make you experience and understand your challenges on  many levels.

You  can expect to be accepted for you, which means you do not need to  be anyone  other than that. In fact it is your honesty that aids  successful  work. This way of being develops  acceptance of self, as well as  builds the ability to trust others.

My acceptance of  you may at times involve gentle non-judgemental challenging questions, which I must be honest in saying may  be unsettling at times. Conversely this may also  bring  a deeper understanding of self, which  will lead to a more self-governing lifestyle.

“Attention will be given to experiences you felt did not matter and we will explore if breakthrough can be found there.”

You can expect to feel safe as what is discussed is confidential. There are limitations to this however, as I have a legal obligation to contact the authorities if you mention anything that will put you or others at risk of harm. 

You can expect to engage in tasks both inside and outside the therapy room. This is in line with  what you bring to the sessions to aid your therapeutic process. This will equip  you with tools to reach for so you can  experience the changes you desire.

Because therapy takes an exploration of your inner world by showing a deep interest in understanding what motivates you, It is of importance that I let you know,  your  journey can open up many powerful feelings, making it a turbulent time. This is not a time to give up, but  a time to breakthrough  as we stay with the difficult feelings.  I  must add that I am not in the role of fixing your issues  and neither do I have all the answers. For therapy to be successful, you must be committed to trusting the process .


“What I do have is the  ability to stay present with you without being afraid to journey into the depth of your challenges.”

A space made available for you