PRICE: £0.00

Perez Counselling and Psychotherapy Service needs to ascertain the impact your challenges are having on you in order to provide a service that meets you where you are. This is why partaking in our screening assessment is the first step. This is carried out over the phone and is different from the initial assessment process in that it is brief and time limited.

The screening assessment will place you in one of three categories of vulnerability, these being low, medium and high. This will  then determine how you are prioritised to be seen for your initial assessment.


PRICE: £50.00

This is where we will meet again but face to face to discuss practical details. We will talk in depths about the principles Perez Counselling and Psychotherapy Service adheres to which is the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy. This ensures you are kept safe and at the heart of the work. We will also know what each other’s expectations are in the working relationship and you will get a sense of the trusted therapeutic atmosphere available to you. There will be the opportunity to share any experiences you may have had of counselling in the past and hear about the approaches used within this service to aid working with you. Time will be enough for questions about the service, and to bring what you are hoping to work through.

At this point you can either decide to continue the work and agree a time and day which is suitable.


You can go away with information in hand to read over and think about what was discussed. Our expectation is that you will either call back to arrange your Individual Therapy sessions, or to decline services at this time.


PRICE: £50.00

Individual Therapy sessions will provide a safe environment to work with and through painful issues we sometimes try to avoid. Finding a trusted space to address these concerns can break the isolation and begin a process of healing which in turn will bring you to a happier and more fulfilled  place in life.


This is for individuals within a 10 mile radius of Croydon. This is however subject to good reason i.e. the elderly and  house bound without the facility to go online.

People living in Care Homes can also access this service too. 

Home visits come at an additional cost of £15.00


Once you have signed up for counselling/psychotherapy I will be reserving the time and the room exclusively for you. Please give no less than 24 hours’ notice if unable to make your appointment, or need to reschedule. My voicemail is available 24 hours a day to receive messages. The cancellation fee will be a rate of £20.00.

If you contact with less than 24 hours’ notice or need to reschedule you agree to pay the full fee of (£50.00)

Cancellation fees will be paid prior to the start of our next session, along with payment for the current session.

If you have chosen to have ongoing sessions and are planning to be away i.e. going on holiday, and you want to continue working together on your return, then a holding fee of (£25.00) will need to be paid for each session missed to secure your slot. The holding fee is subject to 72 hours’ notice.

This is based on fairness to you, fairness to the service, as well as to other clients who may need that time.


Payment is made prior to the start of any session. At present there is no facility for debit or credit card payments, however cash payment can be made and there is also the option of  bank transfers which can be made to:

Sort Code: 09 01 29

Account Number: 36029392

Please state your Name/Organisation as well as date of booked session/s

For bookings and  If you have any queries do not hesitate to make telephone contact on 07495 149619. Email contact is also welcomed at

Saturday AM sessions are available; however, this is at an additional rate of £10.00 pp to the cost of a weekday session.